LSD Blotter 500ug


LSD Blotter 500ug  (Acid)

Minimum Order ( 100 Pieces )

Delivery Time:
USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

Additional information


100 pieces, $300
200 Pieces, $400
300 Pieces, $500
500 Pieces, $600
1000 Pieces, $1000

25 thoughts on “LSD Blotter 500ug

    1. Yeah you are right, cause since i meet this guys, i have never ran out of supply all i need is make an order and the be at my location in 4 hours tops..

  1. This was my first order at a website like this. My local dealer quit selling, sooo I needed a new dealer. A friend of mine said they have the best acid, so i tried it. And man, this IS the best acid out there. I will definitely order there again.

  2. They did not ship my acid themselves, but they arranged for shipment and all went very smooth. Pickup and delivery was right on time.

    1. My Package also showed up, but not what i ordered for. i paid for 300ug tabs and got 200ug tabs instead, i reported the problem to the manager and he sent me another sheet of 100ug tabs

  3. I ordered for 100 pieces and got 90 instead, you guys owe me 10 pieces so on my next order i will be expert to have my 10 pieces

  4. For me acid is the best spacy travel drug, i always pray the trip dont stop thats why i prefer the 500ug tabs from the 200ug tabs

  5. I have been an Lsd junkie for over 40 years now. My local dealer passed away 2 weeks ago then i meet this guys . their prices are good and they have never failed on a delivery since i started dealing with them

  6. Shit!! they have good product but slow delivery,i paid express delivery 1 day but have to wait for 5 long days before receiving my package

  7. on my next order i will get two full shits if that will be possible. Which to sale in my home town cause we hardly see acid around here. and thanks for my package arrived on time as promised

  8. This 500ug blotters are much more preferable to the 200ug blotters, since i tried the 500ug blotters about a year ago, i have sticked to them like glue

  9. Didn’t know you guys would actually have my package delivered cause of the rate of scams out here on the Internet but now i know, they are always real people no matter how fake the world is becoming this days

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